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Some supplements sell preparations of the plant s leaves but, according to the ayurvedic pharmacopoeia of india, ashwagandha should be prepared from the roots 15 .

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“Ashwagandha” is Sanskit “smll th hos,” which s tboth its uniqu smll and ability tincas stngth.

“Ashwagandha” is Sanskit “smll th hos,” which s tboth its uniqu smll and ability tincas stngth.

Diabts : Ashwagandha might low blood suga lvls. This could int with mdications usd diabts and caus blood suga lvls tgtlow. I you hav diabts, monityou blood suga closly.

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24 bishnoi, jyoti prabha,utilisation of ashwagandha and guar gum for the preparation of value added excruded products, ccshau, krishi kosh.

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